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About Me


I’m the youngest of four siblings, and have an extensive dinosaur collection. I'm also passionate about nature and all it's creatures. But my most favorite is the ocean. Being homeschooled my whole life, it has allowed me to learn more in depth about my passions. When I grow up, I would like to be a Marine Biologist.

My goal is to help protect the Sea Turtles and conserve the Coral Reefs by creating awareness and raise funding for organizations that align with my mission. 

In addition to my passion for the ocean, I also enjoy Jiu-Jitsu and swimming classes. I currently hold a solid grey belt at eight years old and swim at Orca level in my swim class. 

For fun, I like going to the park, enjoy Minecraft, Roblox, building Legos, puzzles and playing board games with family.

About Me: About Me

Mom and Creator of Growing With Gus

Sarita Rodriguez, INHC, RYT 200, Ayurvedic Specialist

I created this show in the hopes to help kids and families learn about healthier habits and lifestyles. So they can understand that preventative healthcare is better than disease management. 

To learn more about me and my health coaching practice

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